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Listen to a Swedish salmon farmer discuss aquaculture and the importance of recreating the fish's habitat


NARRATOR: Because natural fish catches vary from year to year, in many countries fish farms have been developed to supplement natural production. This is a salmon farm in the archipelago of Sweden’s Baltic coast.

JAN-ERIK PALLIN: My name is Jan-Erik Pallin, an ocean farmer for salmon in [unintelligible], Sweden. You have two different kinds of farmers—the one who produce the small fish that I buy at the time when the fish is one year old a weight about 100 grams. I, for myself, farm it from 100 grams up to 3 and a half kilo. That takes two—about two years of time. It is very important in farming that you try to keep the natural way, the same way the fish—the same way that it lives naturally. So that is why the fish that I buy have been living in fresh water.
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