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Question: In what country would you find shish kebab as an everyday food?
Answer: The cuisine of Turkey features shish kebab, roasted meat and vegetables cooked on a wood skewer over an open fire.
Question: What country is renowned for chocolate?
Answer: Belgium, in northwestern Europe, is renowned for fine chocolates. These are used in cooking, but are also eaten as candy.
Question: To what country is the mung bean native?
Answer: The mung bean (also called the green gram) and the horse gram are native to India.
Question: In what country might you eat haggis?
Answer: Haggis is a traditional Scottish dish, eaten on Burns Night (January 25) and Hogmanay (New Year’s Eve).
Question: What country does the word "mocha" come from?
Answer: Mocha, a port in Yemen, lends its name to a certain kind of coffee. Coffee was grown there beginning about 1500 years ago and exported to other countries.
Question: If you were eating mole poblano, you would most likely be in what country?
Answer: Mole poblano is a rich red chili sauce from Mexico. It mixes chocolate with chili!
Question: In what country would you be most likely to find gruyere cheese in the market?
Answer: Gruyere is a cheese that is widely eaten in Switzerland. It is named after a village in the French-speaking part of the country.
Question: Which of these countries is not a major producer of oranges?
Answer: Brazil is the leading orange-producing country, followed by the United States, Italy, and Spain.
Chocolate bar broken into pieces. (sweets; dessert; cocoa; candy bar; sugary)

Food Around the World

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